“Mike Ansari is an open-hearted and loving man. He is so connected to spirit and gives of himself whenever it is needed. This is a time now for him to replenish and refuel his own energy centers. I really love him and standingratitude for all that he has been for me! He is perfect and I love him.”

- Dr Robyn Mills

“Master Mike teaches us about love in its purest form without conditions or judgment. He teaches us that to truly experience such love we must be present. That is, we must appreciate what we have now and in see in others the perfection that is each of us. Every single day.”

- Claire Tompkins, Senior Associate

“The Purity journey begins with the awareness that life is truly magical and that there is no spirituality without life or life without spirituality. It is all one. We are all one. Mike has brought that newness to the concept of Existence. He is the embodiment of both physical and spiritual perfection.”

- Ahmed Asgher

Success Stories

Shirley Ness
Stroke Recovery
Allan Sandles
Stroke Recovery
Erika Coves
Stroke Recovery

“For a number of years in Auckland I have trained with Mike Ansari in the field of martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do). The training schedule has instilled in me not only physical fitness but also a mental and spiritual fitness and awareness. This has contributed to the change in how I see and behave in the world and has helped lead to a more rounded and balanced individual.”

- Dominic Andrea P.H.D

“Mike believes that excellence is a journey, not a destination. I am an educational psychologist and hold a doctorate in education. I have been given this opportunity to describe the qualities of Mike Ansari. In essence, his ability to change core beliefs as they impact underlying assumptions, empowers his clients to begin to believe that they can achieve what they had previously perceived as being unattainable.”

- Tom MIG

“Mike is one of very few genuine people in the world. Mike’s personal philosophy is both unique and sincere. There are so few who would dare to dream of a world without conflict. Mike not only speaks regularly of it and how it could be done, but works tirelessly toward spreading the set beliefs and attitudes that would advance that goal.” 

- Mark Tylor, I.T consultant Telecom NZ