The Chrysalis Meditation

The butterfly’s chrysalis both protects the young butterfly, and nurtures it – like the womb, the chrysalis is a place of warmth and growth. For you, the Chrysalis Meditation is a place of creation where the new you is made – it is life transforming; it is revolutionary.
The Higher Frequency Transformation (HFT) programme, combines new age transformation techniques with the connection of spiritual training. Incorporating colour frequency therapy mats and clothing to distinguish the progress of transformation, the Chrysalis Meditation is a disciplined and focused programme specifically designed and formulated on the essence of Mike Ansari’s technique of “Fit in the Mind and Fearless in the Body”.

Learn how to:

The Program gives a chance to fulfil living life in perfect harmony.

Exercise the
Pure Mind

With a pure mind you are pure in your heart. You are at peace with your past, finally.


Expand your horizon, complete your faith, discover the perfect you.

Exercise the
Freedom of choice

Understanding the need of being kind is the master key to unlock happiness


Master your spirit, Take charge to manifest your destiny.


Master the mind and see yourself as the center of humanity, everyone is family.


Live fit and fearless

Who’s it for?

Stroke Vitality • Mobility Improvement • Mental Powers

Stress Anxiety • Depression • Anyone

Shirley Ness
Stroke Recovery

Allan Sandles
Stroke Recovery

Erika Coves
Stroke Recovery

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