I see you as perfect

I am happy

I love you

I am here

I am Mike Ansari

About Mike

Mike’s work, well documented on investigative television shows such as Sunday – presented by Miriam Kamo and Peter Williams – has enabled stroke victims to get moving again, and people to recover feeling and movement in limbs that were previously a dead weight. In his own words, the power of the mind is limitless.

Having studied under a Sufi master early in his career, Mike has spent decades on a journey of spirituality – many times fasting for 40 days at a time – to understand the power of unconditionally loving himself; understanding the certainty of his intention and who he is. Author of ‘The Perfect I’, 7th Dan Grand Master in Kung Fu and 7th Dan Grand Master in Tae Kwon Do, Mike is a qualified fitness trainer (Auckland University of Technology) and coach of more than 30 years.

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1964, Mike has spent more than 35 years practicing both martial arts disciplines and studying various religions and philosophies; Eastern and Western. His training has been accompanied by decades of transcendental meditation and many extended periods of fasting. Mike has achieved total self-awareness, and is on a mission to remind humanity that we are all perfect beings now and forever. As a result Mike is now living his own self-discovery and promotes it through transcendental process. He has already assisted a number of people to achieve their full potential.

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I am of a Pure Mind. I live in the Oneness. You and I are One. The pure loving energy that absolutely encompasses the all humanity. It is only fair to see yourself as perfect. I see you as perfect.

I love you.

-Mike Ansari

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The Perfect I
Mike Ansari

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